Want to know how some of the biggest companies incorporate design principle into their day-to-day’s?

Firms such as Facebook, Pentagram, IBM and a few others have shared their thoughts on what they believe to be essential design fundamentals.

Included in their opinions are for designers to ignore trends. Paula Scher explains that we shouldn’t design for expectation. Design should free you from the norm, and be a tool to express who you are!


The problem with design is that it can go unnoticed. Unfortunately, this is mostly a result of great design. It becomes invisible a Ruthia He from Facebook. Good design doesn’t challenge or obstruct. It serves the user well, and therefore work as expected.

Other topics discussed are for designers to go beyond the mediocre, do more that just what’s being asked to do. Stretch the process to solve a potential bigger issue. Another is to design for emotion. Step into the users/buyers shoes and become aware of what they might be feeling at the time. What could this be and how could the moment be elevated to a personal level?

There’s plenty to take away from the article. Take a closer look over on the Fast.co website for the full story.