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We’ve a brand new competition… •
…and it ends at midnight on Friday 8th of JUNE!


Sharing a moment with your friend. Submit a design that you would send to your friends or like to receive from them.

It might be something that just sums up your friendship, or recognises a special moment or celebration – happy or sad.

It might be typical of the way you communicate with each other and it can be sentimental or humorous.

Examples include:

A shared hobby, experience, or memory. ‘I saw this and thought of you…’

Sending a supporting message for a friend who’s having a tough time.

Celebrating an achievement even if it only seems something small.

Joking about things you do (or don’t do) together.

A crude reflection on your friendship

Check the examples in the carousel above.


For that chance to win a possible prize or placement, share your entries on your own Instagram by tagging them with both
@hallmarkukcompetitions & #hallmarkukcompetitions •
Good luck everyone 🙂

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