Happy New Year to you all!

So, I’m gathering that like me you may have slightly over indulged over the festive period, and why not! The cheese & Crackers usually make an appearance quiet quickly in my house and of course what goes hand in hand with Cheese & Crackers? Red Wine!

The extremely large Christmas dinner followed by an eye watering choice of desserts, followed by the beige evening buffet is just the start!

It all tastes amazing but after the festivities are done we can be left feeling rather sluggish and maybe not quiet our best once January hits!

So, if like me you’re on the usual January health kick, determined to get back into shape for the coming summer months then eating healthy is a must!

We all know it can be difficult trying to think up healthy recipes that taste good! So over the next few weeks I will be posting some healthy recipe ideas for you to try and to give you some inspiration in the kitchen!

To ease you in check out this tasty balanced dish from Alexandra’s Kitchen

Good Luck guys…we may need it!