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We can’t wait for the stunning collaboration between 2 of the largest Scandinavian furniture brands – IKEA and HAY.

A new range of 30 pieces will be released into stores from October 2017.The idea behind IKEA’s latest range is to “challenge people’s perception of [their] quality and design.” Not sure about you, but we feel like IKEA’s products have been continually impressive over the past few years.

Since the closure of our beloved HABITAT stores, the gap between IKEA-quality furniture and items stocked by higher-quality brands is gradually decreasing. As a result, companies such HEALS and THE CONRAN STORE now seem very expensive in comparison.

Consumers have also adopted a throwaway mentality to furniture, as we have with clothes. It’s not unusual to re-invent our homes on a yearly basis, and supermarkets are taking advantage of this trend by offering higher-quality homeware items. While at New Designers in London, we were pleasantly surprised by SAINSBURY’s latest home range (available from September 2017) – the items definitely do not look like typical supermarket furniture!

IKEA and Hay reveal full collaborative Ypperlig collection

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