Hello! I’m Rachel a designer at Hallmark. Today I wanted to share with you guys the lovely work of Lucia Wilkinson! Or as she is known on Instagram, Betty Joy Design Studio! I’ve been following Lucia for a while now on Instagram. I absolutely love her work so I’ve decided to dedicate my first blog post to her beautiful creations! Lucia is a Sheffield based freelance designer who has a very impressive client list! She creates her work digitally, but more recently has been exploring with more traditional ways of working using watercolour paints and paper cutting. Her little paper creations are so gorgeous!
I’ve popped in a few of my favourite examples of her work. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!



I love the little yarn tentacles on the jelly fish!

Creativeblog.BettyJoy4.2017 Creativeblog.BettyJoy5.2017 Creativeblog.BettyJoy6.2017 Creativeblog.BettyJoy7.2017


I think this little guy is my favourite!

You can follow Lucia Wilkinson on Instagram @bettyjoydesignstudio

Or, check out her website for even more lovely things!