Hallmark Creative continued to celebrate National Storytelling Week (23rd January-3rd February) with a studio-wide story.


(Above: Early stage of the writing challenge)

‘Fiction by the Fridge’ was a collaborative project. The Creative Team was encouraged to pick up a pen and add another sentence to the tale. Writers, designers, mock-up artists and digital asset co-ordinators all contributed to the epic yarn. We’re incredibly impressed – and slightly surprised – with the story’s imaginative developments, which you can read below.

Disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not represent the views of Hallmark Cards or the celebrities mentioned in the story. Aside from maybe the ‘avocado on toast’ section – it is indeed nutritious, delicious and aesthetically pleasing.

The Misadventures of Moo, Morrissey & Prince

Once upon a time there was a tiny pig called Moo who lived on a farm in Sweden. She liked to eat ice cream, pistachio was her favourite, closely followed by mango and passion fruit. However, every Sunday she liked a roast dinner – beef was her favourite as she liked to get her own back on the cows that had given her such a horrid name!

She had big plans to become president – the first porcine president in history. People were beginning to question her manifesto…it didn’t seem right that she wanted to introduce “FREE BACON FRIDAYS” and bobbing for apples on a Bank Holiday Sabbath Sunday (after consuming roast beef dinner, of course!).

Moos’ friend, Morrissey, however, doesn’t like meat. Because meat, dear readers, is “moider.” Especially if you live in Brooklyn, New York. But Moo was from S-v-eden, so she didn’t really care. So Mozzer decided to pen a new song all about the delicious, nutritious and, let’s face it, aesthetically-pleasing avocado (smashed) on toast. As Mozzer was explaining the merits of his highly original, and not at all depressing new song, there was a loud bang…followed by a bloodcurdling scream. The pair looked at each other in HORROR!

Across the farmyard, Mrs Johansson, the farmer’s wife, stood rooted to the spot. Her face was as white as the sheets she had been hanging on the washing line next to her granny pants – that for miles around looked like a balloon to show nearby farmers which way the wind was blowing. Prince – Morrissey’s arch nemesis – rode right through the farm gates on his ridiculously large and unusually elaborate motorbike. It took some time for everyone to realise that the bloodcurdling scream was coming from HIM.

“Hey you, SUCKER!” he cried in mightily perfect key at Morrissey, whilst holding aloft a very red ruffled shirt. “I know you didn’t put one of yo’ red socks in my goddamn purple wash!”

However, before the two musical geniusssssssessssss could sort out their differences, they noticed that something else was amiss…Moo’s eyes went back to Mrs Johansson and followed her gaze to where Mr Johansson was face down in the middle of the paddock. All you could see was a spade…plunged into his back. They all fell silent.

Musical legends, farmyard murder, ruffled shirts…what more could you ask from ‘Fiction by the Fridge’?

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